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The proliferation of technological development has led to a revolution in the way people communicate. We will explore the next level of human communication by exploring neurotechnology, an innovation driven by enabling high-end technologies as a basis of communicating between people and computers. In the past information society, the common practice was to collect information via the network and have it analyzed by humans; now people, things, and systems are all connected in cyberspace and optimal results obtained by artificial intelligence (AI) exceeding the capabilities of humans are fed back to physical space. This process brings new value to industry and society in ways not previously possible.

In short, emerging neurotechnologies and the World Wide Web’s evolutionary process have the potential to allow access to at least some components of mental information as well as the power to effect modified business practices and societal empowerment. While these advances can be greatly beneficial for individuals and society, they also have the potential to be misused, creating unprecedented threats to the freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and to individuals’ capacity to self-determination behavior.

Thus, the broad themes for this exploration and examination include, but are not limited to :

  • Communication industry 5.0 and beyond
  • Social-cultural 5.0 and the implications
  • The digitization of content; competencies and Ethics
  • Governance 5.0 politics and good public governance
  • Entrepreneurship 5.0
  • Special issues (global, national, or local level)

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1) Communication Industry 5.0 and beyond

This section will be focused on the co-operation between man and machine, as human intelligence works in harmony with cognitive computing. So, in this area takes the concept of personalization to the next level, which can help human beings and robotics to work better together or its call “mass personalization”. Therefore, the topics under this section will explore more on aspects as follow:

  • Media Industry (Broadcasting, TV, Film, Radio, Music, Printed and Online)
  • Corporate Communication and PR Industry
  • Marketing Communication and Advertising Industry
  • Community Management
  • CSR
  • Crisis Management

2) Social Cultural 5.0 and the Implications

This section will be focused on communities of interest, based on interest, religion, or shared identity. Culture is one of the most powerful forces in our world. It’s a central to what we see, how we make sense of our world, and how we express ourselves or we can see. And in society 5.0 will achieve a forward-looking society whose members have mutual respect for each other, transcending the generations, and a society in which each and every person can lead an active and enjoyable life. Therefore, the topics under this section will explore more on aspects as follow:

  • Identity and Self
  • Gender Issues
  • Religion
  • Art and Culture
  • Family Issues

3) The Digitization of Content; Competencies and Ethics

This section focuses on the process of converting information into a digital format where the big data becomes the central of this area. Thus, with the digitization of content, it makes easier to preserve, access, and share information to people worldwide, but there are some effects to that situation implied by the competencies and ethics. Therefore, the topics under this section will explore more on aspects as follow:

  • Copyright issue
  • Defamation, Hoax, Hate Speech and False Information
  • Media Literacy and Education
  • Pornography and obscenity issues
  • The Invasion of Privacy
  • New platform of content in journalism

4) Governance 5.0; Politics and Good Public Governance

In digital era everyone is equal, the meek are powerful to challenge the strong and digital space create a boundless space so everyone can connect with everything, hence the information of data will be open and accessible. It means everyone can controls others and participate to all the activities and then encourage transparency and public accountability as well as in the field of democracy. Therefore, the topics under this section will explore more on aspects as follow:

  • Regulation and Public Policy
  • Participation in the civic, citizen, society, and public level
  • Transparency and public accountability
  • e-democracy
  • e campaign for politics

5) Entrepreneurship 5.0

This section focuses on how the development of technology can make the world interconnected increasingly, so it can endorse the innovation much faster than before. With the innovation, there is an opportunity to every individual to create and develop an initiative to give impact to the society, such as scale up the start-up to a global level or become a social entrepreneur using the technology as a place to break a social change. Therefore, the topics under this section will explore more on aspects as follow:

  • e-commerce
  • start-up
  • social entrepreneurship
  • Small Medium Enterprises

6) Special Issues (Global, Regional, National, and Local Interests)

  • Terrorism
  • Integration
  • Cyber war
  • Green communication
  • Health Communication
  • Disaster Communication
  • Sport Communication
  • Fashion journalism